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Stefan Schleissing, owner and founder of GTS Classics and his family have been involved with cars since 1920. They owned a car dealership selling various makes in Germany. Stefan's grandfather raced motorcycles and took his daughters to all the famous races at the Nurburgring during the time of the famous "Silberpfeile". After the war not much changed for this family of car lovers. Stefan's dad, a rallye driver, joined the family car dealership and began selling VW's, Porsches and later Audi's.

Stefan grew up with Porsches and cheering for the small Stuttgart Auto manufacturer.

After an apprentiship within the Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche organization as a car mechanic and economist, Stefan also joined the family business selling Quattro's as they were at their peak and introducing the Porsche Turbo.

Stefan's personal motor sport career started by promoting the latest dealership cars by racing them in orientation rallies and race slaloms.

He then turned his attention to restoring ,racing and rallying classic cars starting with a 356, followed by a 914-6, 911, Lotus, Devin, TVR's, Sunbeam Tigers and Mini Coopers.

He competed in Zolder, in the Monte Carlo Sestriere, Coppa delle Alpi, the Tour de France, the Histo Monte, Baja, La Carrera Classica and also in the classic version of the Cannonball.

During this time he realized the importance of having good supportive seats and the lack of companies making period-correct ones. Stefan now devotes all his attention on classic seat models for classic cars, on the safety and comfort features needed to keep the classic seats up to date, the development of new models and applications. GTS has been providing classic car seats since 2002 and is now producing them in the USA.

In addition to creating top of the line classic car seats, Stefan has also become known for his incredible customer service. The telephone number on our site is Stefans actual cell phone number so that you, the customer, can rest assured that any questions or concerns you have, Stefan will be there to answer every question. Stefan is always available for requests or special needs for your Classic Car, Restomod or Hot Rod, Race or Rallye car.


Motorsport Information
We all realize that Motorsport is dangerous and every day traffic can be as dangerous. Modifying and tuning any vehicle with other than the factory approved parts can endanger your safety. No expressed or implied warranty is made as to productsīs suitability for any use or ability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes that risk. GTS and/or manufacturer shall not be liable to purchaser or to any third party for any damages arising out of the purchase. installation, recommendation or use of any product or combination of products. It is the userīs or purchaserīs responsibility to determine any specification that may be needed in the use of one of these products.

Porsche 356, 904, 911, 912, 914, BMW, Ford , Recaro and Scheel are registered trademarks of Porsche, BMW, Ford, Recaro or Scheel, our products are not approved by any of the above mentioned manufacturer and trademarks. All pictures and references to them and/or their products names and shape are for restoration (or)  references only and do not imply any association of GTS classics with any of the mentioned manufacturer.

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