Hotrod zeppelin

Starts at $1095

For today’s custom Hot Rods GTS Classics offers the Hotrod Zeppelin seats. 

Zeppelins were custom built in the 20’s and 30’s, to the most comfortable standards and the ultimate in saving weight for their transcontinental „flights“. As many Hot Rod builders are using bomber seats, which look very cool but lack any comfort, we have created these seats to offer custom built comfortable, lightweight seats.

Minimal in structure, these seats do not lack any of the comfort our other seats offer, but still look period correct or radical depending on your build. We can supply the basic frame layout in black, brushed and clear coated, rat rod design or in a painted chrome finish. 

The Zeppelin line seats come in all applications to fit your car and custom build, with duralastic belts for the extra comfort you are looking for and with the choice of headrests. Lately we have provided these seats in many Hot Rod Porsches, Jaguars and Volkswagens, as the style is unique, bare and yet comfortable. Please contact us, so we can assist you to find the right seat and application for you project. 


Hot Rod Zeppelin 6901

Hot Rod Zeppelin 6902


GTS Classics Hot Rod Zeppelin Seat


GTS Classics Hot Rod Zeppelin Seat