Seat belts

Starts at $55

We are now happy to offer a wide variety of seat belts and custom options. In general, we supply three types of seat belts.

Classic style is available in Static or with Inertia reel (also known as automatic), which are manufactured and tested to British standard BS3254.

The Classic Style is available in 2 point lap belts (start at $ 86), 3 point static belts (start at $95) and  3 point automatic belts (start at $124).

Modern style belt has a black plastic buckle with orange or red release button on top. Modern belts are manufactured and tested to current EU regulation R16.

The Modern Style is available in 2 point lap belts (start at $ 55), 3 point static belts (start at $66) and 3 point automatic belts (start at $112).

Classic Competition style (no these belts are not approved for rallye or racing), which comes with 3 different buckles, is available in 4 point with chrome buckle (start at $198.50), 4 point with Twist release buckle (starts at $225) and  5 or 6 point w Twist release buckle (starts at  $255). 


Classic Style 

Modern Style 

Classic Competition Style 


RePa,Autoflug,Britax period style tags are available, as are chrome fasteners.

For all seat belts we have a selection of colors and mounting hardware.