Starts at $1295

The new Targa by GTS classics, is the perfect classic car seat conversion choice for later 911 Models.
In the style of the sport seats of the late 60s and 70s we changed the existing seats of the 74 and younger 911 into a supportive Sport seat that has more lateral and lumbar support than the original seat with adjustable headrests. Even when your seats are electric we can make them into a more classic looking seat and you still have the adjustment of the original seats. This seat is reclinable and adjustable and gives firm support with comfort as we have also changed the suspension to our duralastic belts.

It is the perfect choice between your unsupportive older stock seats and the racing looking bucket seats with comfort and giving your classic car the touring appearance with the style of the early 70’s. As with your original seats the back of the Targa seat tilts forward for easy access to the back of your car.

It is available in any colors, material and pattern upon request and to match you existing interior. You also have now the choice if you want to equip your car with a 5-point harness to have the proper guidance of all seat belts….or if you want to have that Singereske looking interior. We take your stock seat, take them apart, use the main frame with installing our support system and upgrading them to any desired specification. The transformation takes usually 3 weeks until you sit better, more relaxed and supported in your car again. No brackets no different seat belts mounts needed. No challenging installation.


Targa 1100 leatherette/ leatherette or fabrics