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In Italian, coppa means competition, racing, and rallies. We created the Coppa seat to closely resemble the seat that Zagato created in the late 1950’s which has since been chosen for all outstanding Zagato creations in Alfa Romeo’s, Aston Martin’s and Lancia’s.

It is the perfect seat for classic Italian and British sports cars from the 1950’s to the early 70’s as well as for roadsters and hot rods as an old style seat with the side support one always wished for.

Zagato’s unique design, as well as lap belt openings and our duralastic belts for additional comfort seat, have been incorporated in our Coppa seat. Developed and designed by GTS Classics for today’s classic car customers, the Coppa offers the driver a secure hold and support that is lacking in old seats.

The Coppa is the perfect seat for all classic cars and Hot Rods from the 50’s to the 70’s with custom choices of classic applications to match your car.

Available with headrests and/or Trips device. The seat has a steel tube frame.


Coppa 6202 leatherette

Coppa 6201 leather


GTS Classics Coppa Seat


GTS Classics Coppa Seat