$695 as seat kit
includes seat frame, duralastic belts, side and back foam, seat cushion and headrest.

Solitude, near Stuttgart – Germany, has always been legendary for its track and its races near the castle. The top models of the Porsche 356 series were the Carrera GT and Abarth GTL. 
We designed the Solitude seat for the 356 Roadsters, Speedsters, GT’s and Outlaws as a perfect balance of old style, better side support and safety features that were not included in the original Speedster or GT seats. 

The Solitude resembles these 356 seats ( especially when upholstered in the same way as the OEM ), with added comfort, headrest option, 5-point harness provisions, Trips device . The Solitude offers the driver a secure hold and support that is lacking in the original comfort seats. The seat has a steel tube frame with suspension. It is a fixed bucket seat frame, so please adjust in height and tilt when installing it into your project.

Optional tilting bracket for better rear seat access.

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