Starts at $1365

A true Recaro design for the younger Porsches , developed for club racing and sports cars of the late 80’s to the late 90’s. The Clubsport has an integrated headrest with openings for all belts of 5 or 6 point harnesses featured in the Porsche Speedster, Kundensport cars and in the RS America. 

The Lollipop seats had the double shell layout, which gave the seat the strength and rigidity needed for racing with with a very low weight of 11.6 lbs. This was overcome with new materials, reinforcement design features and lamination process to create the Clubsport with a very rigid single shell. With GTS classics slight changes and a lowered seating position, the Clubsport seat fits more drivers and accommodates taller drivers and is even lighter. 

GTS Classics offers additional adjustable lumbar support. Seat padding is custom as to accommodate the snug fit for you. Available in the original configuration with Nomex fabric for the seat covers and a shiny gel coat for the back. Also available in any custom choice, plaid, leather or houndstooth as well as custom painted backs to match your car exterior color. 


Clubsport 7205 Perlon