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An original Sparco design seat developed for the racing and customer race cars in the end 70’s to the end of the 80’s. The Dakar was featured in the Porsche 939 and 911SC/RS rallye cars, as well as Peugeot, Mini Metro, Lancia and Quattro of the Groupe B monster era.

The unique design of the Dakar and the kevlar shell layout with that yellowish color, which gave the seat the strength and  rigidity needed for racing with a very low weight of 11.6 lbs for the bare seat shell. The original style “Dakar” is a snug fit with side openings and a square opening in the seat cushion for the submarine belt of the 5 point harness.

The seat offered more torso support than other seats offered at the time, so the seat for the Monster era and the right seat if you want to restore or recreate a Gruppe B car. To adapt for today’s needs, GTS Classics added duralastic belts for more comfort for the long stages ahead of you and your classic seat.

The Dakar seats just like the Clubsport an the Vallelunga are side mounted for more adjustments. GTS Classics offers additional adjustable lumbar support. Stock configuration is in black, blue, red or yellow fabric material with no embroidery. Also available in any custom choice, plaid, leather or houndstooth as well as custom colored gel coat backs to match your car exterior color, or wrapped in the carbon or kevlar design.


Dakar 9305 perlon

Dakar 9301 leather