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The Spa-Francorchamps is the famous and historic race track in Belgian Ardennes, that has seen many victories for BMW, Ford,Porsche and other European classic sports cars and sedans since the late 1940’s. Famous for the 24H, 12H and 6 hr races.
GTS Classics named the seat Spa-Franchorchamps in memory of all touring car successes. The cars were often equipped with Scheel seats and we recreated the Spa-Francorchamps to resemble the Scheel 100 featured in the BMW’s,Ford Escorts,Mercedes-Benz and the 914’s of that time. 

The Scheel seat was also Porsche’s factory choice for the 914/6 GT competition cars and as the original the Spa-Francorchamps fit the OEM 914 brackets as well other cars with our brackets. The Spa-Francorchamps offers lateral support, high knee support, a new lap belt opening as required by today’s sport rules, duralastic belts for additional comfort on longer events and drives and we lowered the seating position. 

The classic Scheel style corduroy design and the unique headrest set this seat apart from all other classic seats and it is an original and exclusive GTS Classics design. The Spa-Francorchamps is available in leatherette or leather with the Scheel style corduroy.  Available with waist belt holes and application for the Trips device.