Brands hatch

Starts at $995

Brands Hatch – one of the most known race tracks in the world and home of British Motorsport. Here Lotus scored their victories, so it was only fitting to name this GTS Classics seat after that famous track in the tradition of British motors port heritage. Designed especially for the Lotus Elan as a replacement seat, but it is also a fit for other British and Italian roadsters as well as many of the Kit Cars.

GTS Classics designed this seat as a replacement and as an upgrade for cars with limited space, and yet for more side support, more comfort, ability to slide back and forth and headrests options. It will fit cars from the late 40’s to the early 70’s.
GTS Classics can match the existing interior or change it to a more colorful design according to your preferences.. The stitching pattern, piping and seat cushion design can also be adapted to the year and model of your choice.
If you need more comfort and your car interior allows for more room, we can customize it to your preference.