$675 as seat kit
includes seat frame, duralastic belts, side and back foam, seat cushion and headrest.

Nürburgring (like the famous race track),  is the classic sport bucket seat used in many sports cars and sports sedans of the 60’s and early 70’s. Originally designed in the 50’s for Italian sedan’s and sport coupes, it was the racer’s and rallye driver’s choice as the Nürburgring offered support and comfort for long endurance races and rallies. 

GTS classics offers this  handmade metal tube frame sport seat with our duralastic suspension for your 2 seater, 2+2, or as a passenger seat to our other seat models. It is nonadjustable in itself so when mounted into the car it has to be adjusted in height, tilt for your preferred seating position. 

For more installation options, the mounting dimensions have been increased to 300mm side to side, a more stable mounting for a better, solid feel while you are taking the car through the „Esses“. A tilting bracket is available as an option, as well as the 5-6-point-harness-option, with the waist belts openings in the new frames and with attachment points for the Trips device.

Inspiration for your build