$785 as seat kit
includes seat frame, duralastic belts, side and back foam, seat cushion and headrest.

For the classic motor sport – the drivers‘ choice. GTS classics designed this classic Sebring seat with a higher back, high side support, and option for 5 and 6 point-harness installations. It resembles the rallye seats of the BMW’s, Porsches, Datsuns and Fords of the late 60’s and early 70’s.
Similar to the Scheel 300 seats, the Sebring is the perfect choice for more serious side support for sport, race, and rallye. With a lightweight, coated, protected steel tube frame, duralastic belts and fire retardant foam, it meets the requirements for 5-6 point harnesses.
The Sebring seat is non adjustable in itself, so please install to fit for tilt and height. The seating position is lowered to get you as low as possible in the car.
The Sebring bridges the Nurburgring and the Rallye seat models to accommodate drivers who enjoy classic rallies and vintage racing. Custom modifications for big and tall drivers, as well as easy entry options available upon request.

Optional w a tilting bracket for better rear seat access.


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