Sport S

$985 as seat kit
includes seat frame, duralastic belts, side and back foam, seat cushion and headrest.

The first and most famous classic sport seat of the late 60’s and early 70’s was the Recaro Ideal. Featured in the Porsches and BMW and later on in various German sport coupes, this seat has made history.
GTS classics presents our version of that seat, one of our bestsellers.  We went as far as reproducing the shape of the foam and have made molds for it to ensure that each seat has the exact shape and form. Unlike the original, our seats are made out of square steel tubing, a bit sturdier.
Adjustable headrests are available but you can use your OEM headrests and recover them to match the new seats. Even the BMW E 9 coupe headrest can be made to fit with our seats. Optional with a tilting bracket for better rear seat access like the originals.

Inspiration for your build