Starts at $1495

A true design Porsche seat developed from GTS Classics for racing and customer race cars in the mid 70’s. 

The Lollipop got its nickname from the headrest shape as one of the first integrated race seats with shoulder support first featured in the Porsche 934 Kundensport cars and in the 924 GTS. 

The unique design of the Lollipop results also in the double shell layout, which gave the seat the strength and rigidity needed for racing with a very low weight of 11.6 lbs for the bare seat shell. 

The original style „Lollipop“ is a snug fit, with side openings for the waist belts and a square opening in the seat cushion for the submarine belt of the 5 point harness. 

GTS Classics offers additional adjustable lumbar support. Seat padding is decreased as to accommodate the snug fit. Available in the original configuration with Nomex fabric for the seat covers and carpet for the back. Also available in any custom choice, plaid, leather or houndstooth as well as custom painted backs to match your car exterior color.

We also added the “Lollipop Endurance” seat to the normal Lollipop. It adapt’s today’s needs. It offers a normal width , it is a bit taller, has the 5 point openings and the option for the Trips device, as to allow for the proper guidance for all seat belts of your harness. We also incorporated our duralastic belt support system for added comfort.


Lollipop 6605 Nylon/ Perlon/ Nomex

Lollipop 6601 Leather

Lollipop 6602 Leatherette

Lollipop 660

Lollipop Endurance