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Who doesn’t know Maranello, the famous town in Italy where the Ferraris have been made since the 40’s? 
It stands for races, competition, design and the love of Italian cars.
We created the Maranello seat to closely resemble the seat that was created in the mid 50’s for the sport and competition versions of the cars from Maranello.
It is the perfect seat for classic Italian and British sports cars from the 50’s to the early 70’s. Into the Maranello’s seat design, we added our duralastic belts for additional comfort. Headrest mountings can be incorporated in our seat.
Developed and re-created by GTS Classics for today’s classic car customers, the Maranello offers the driver a secure hold and support that is lacking in the original  comfort  seats.
The Maranello is the perfect seat for all classic cars and especially Italian cars from the 50’s to the 70’s with custom choices of classic applications to match your car.


Maranello fabric