Starts at $995

An original BRE design seat developed for the racing, rallye and customer Datsun cars in the end 60’s beginning of the 70’s. BRE stands for Brock Racing Enterprises which developed the racing program for the Datsuns and still exists today, still offering parts to the Datsun community. We honor Peter Brock’s design and legacy with this seat.

This seat was featured in the Datzun240Z and Datzun510 rallye and race cars. The unique design of the seat consists in the collar surround shell layout, which gave the seat the strength and rigidity needed for racing with a very low weight.

The original style “BRE” was a snug fit with no side openings or opening for the submarine belt of a 5 point harness, nor was there an option for a headrest to adapt for today’s needs. We added the option for headrests, together with a slightly enlarged seat shell to give you that Peter Brock’s design with more comfort  and safety.
Adjustable lumbar support  and custom choices of  plaid, leather or houndstooth, custom colored gel coat backs to match your car exterior color and grommets in the style of factory sport and racing seats, are available.


BRE 7402 leatherette/ basket weave