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The “Rallye Dashboard Set”

In period rally cars, stop watches were always  mounted on the copilot’s side in order for him to be able to time each stage with one and be able to time the advised speed average or special stages with the other.

With these watches, the co-pilot became more of an equal partner to the driver, able to advise him on speed, stage averages and time to the next checkpoint.

GTS CLASSICS now offers these Rallye dashboard sets again. Made in Germany with the precision and detail we are looking for. Rundenmeister offers various styles, colors and speed control, average speed control and multiple sequence stopwatch sets.

On set offers 2 different stop watches, mounted on a brushed aluminum plate, offer a period correct setting.
They are mechanical watches Rundenmeister edition and have to be hand winded. Each measures 2 inches in diameter.  

The aluminum plates can be easily mounted either with screws for the rally pro, or you use blind screws and adhesive attachment pad , so as to avoid the need for drilling holes  in a newly restored dashboard.
Here pictures of the built in aluminum cases watches 

Rallye Dashboard set $765

The second set contains a manual cockpit watch –running time 50 hours and a manual stopwatch with speed index.
These are mechanical watches set for precise time setting, both watches are as well 2 inches in diameter.
This set is available in 2 different colors-black and crème depending on your car and to match the instruments.
Comes in a aluminum case or in a “Terry” clip mounting
Here pictures of the clip on watches

Clip On Plate

Rallye Dashboard set mounted on the clip on plate

Rallye Set Chamois Tachy

Rallye Dashboard set mounted on the clip on plate

Dashboard Set as Clip on Price: $655

We also offer these Rallye Dashboard sets in a “Nachtprüfung” edition in the classic black of the 70’s
Here pictures of the Nachtprufung watches 

Nachtprüfung stoppwatch , one cockpit clock $ 745

These dashboard set are truly the ultimate touch for a period correct appearance and a must-have for every rally and competitive classic car driver, you can also add a Tachymeter or/and a Average Speed Control Timer for the full control of your true standing in a timed rallye.



Runden Meister Sequence Timer without stop watches $795

Speed Control in kmh or mph




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